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CSO - Premium Processing & Refunds

Step 1: Collect digital or paper copies of new policies and cancellations. 

Step 2: Complete Batch Summary (Link to Download)

Step 3: Compile batch summary and policies to submit. 

Step 4: Login to CSO Account Portal (Email if you need portal access.) 

Step 5: Navigate to File Upload 

Step 6: Select "Other" for type. No need to add a message. Find the file on your computer and upload following the prompts. 

Step 7: Processing Schedule:

  • Expedited Billing Statement - Submit by the 25th - guaranteed to receive billing statement at the beginning of the following month. 

  • Grace Period - 26th -> End of the Month - Likely to receive the billing statement the beginning of the following month, not guaranteed. 

  • Standard Billing Statement - After the 1st of the following month - Billing statement will be available at the end of that month. 

Step 8: Monthly Billing Statement - Submit payment to CSO based on billing statement 

Step 9: Declined Policies - Process any declined policies (Contact if you have a question about a declined policy.) 

  • Refund Calculator available on the CSO Portal. (Contact if you need access to the Portal.)
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